History of Donkervoort

In 1978 he founded the Dutch company "Donkenvoort", specializing in the production of sports cars. In the same year was presented and the first model of the brand, called S7. The car was open body style Lotus 7 and 1.6-litre power unit of the American company "Ford", a power of 90 horsepower. Many parts of the vehicle were taken from the model of the Ford Escort, which allowed to significantly reduce the cost of a compact sports car. In 1984 to replace this model came model S8, received a more powerful power unit 110 horsepower. In 1985 he was presented the first modification Donkenvoort S8A with a modified design of the rear axle and a new five-speed gearbox. One year later he published a modification to the engine from the company "Cosworth and automatic gearbox.

In 1988 in honor of the anniversary of the company was presented model S10, published in an edition of 10 copies. Under the hood of the car situated forced powertrain Ford power 190 horsepower. However, the next 10 years was for the Dutch company real challenge. First conflict broke up with mark Ford, which led to the abandonment of parts of American concern. Then, in 1998, the company "Dancesport" was forced to abandon engines Cosworth", due to the changing policy division of the company "Ford". However, a solution was found quickly - "Donkenvoort" has signed a contract to supply engines and components with concern "Audi".

In 1999 he was presented model Audi S8, which was equipped with power units with capacity from 150 to 240 horsepower. And in 2007 was presented to the modification of GT this model, light-weight by 30 pounds and equipped with engine capacity of 280 horsepower.

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