History of Dutton

English company "Dutton" was founded in 1970, and the first products went on sale in 1972. Two years of intensive work was carried out on the development of affordable sports cars, which have a great demand among the middle class. So, it was decided to use the chassis from the model of the Triumph Herald. In addition, 79% of all components for the company, "Dutton" shipped marks of Triumph and Rover. The first model of the brand "Dutton" were delivered to the buyer disassembled, allowing the company to make the price of their products similar to the price of the main competitor of the Lotus seven.

But the real success came to the brand "Dutton" in 1979, when it was concluded cooperation with the company "Ford", and was presented to a sports version of the model Ford Sierra Dutton. Under the hood of the car situated forced power unit 180 horsepower. And since 1981 it is Sierra Dutton became the official vehicle body competitions in the UK. In subsequent years, the company "Dutton" completely shifted to the modernization of cars manufactured by Ford that allowed her to take a strong position, ahead of brands such as "Lotus" and "Austin." But in 1988 a contract with the company "Ford" was cancelled, the reason was the transfer of the American company on the issue of sport modifications to their vehicles under the brand name "Cosworth", which became part of the concern. The company failed to repay the loans that were taken by the management of the company in 1987 on the modernization of the production company because he lost all his lineup, and in 1989 mark "Dutton" ceased to exist, being confined to the maintenance of a racing team that has successfully participated in the regional competition touring car.

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