History of Elva

In 1955 was founded by the British automobile company "Elva". Initially, the founder of the brand Frank Nichols was building cars for the various regional racing series, which utilizes a lightweight powertrain Ford Ten, developed 45 horsepower. Later, in 1958, he moved on to create a sports car that was equipped with motors British Leyland".

The first model of the brand, Elva Kurir, was a small road coupe and equipped with a tubular frame and a lightweight body, as well as four-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 60 horsepower. It was released 900 instances of the model you bought, as a rule, aristocrats and members of Amateur racing rally sports cars in Scotland and Spain. In 1961, Kurir produced under license by several automotive companies, one of which, called "Trojan". In 1963 he joined the group "Trojan" itself "Elva".

In 1963 was presented its first-ever car designed for racing and for normal driving in the city, do not require special modifications. The model is called the Sebring and was equipped with the new four-cylinder power unit with the capacity of 70 horsepower. However, in 1966, began financial difficulties "Trojan", and made several unsuccessful attempts for the sale of production "Elva" third-party companies. In 1969 the company "Trojan", together with "Elva" came under the control of new owners who have tried to release a new model, but ultimately resumed production model Kurir, bringing the number of copies sold up to 2.5 thousand. Six months later the company "Elva" was closed, and its factories were bought by the famous American businessman by the name of Henry Ford.

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