History of Faw

"First Automobile Works", or "FAW" is the first automaker China, which suggests the company name. It was founded in 1953 with the support of the USSR, and after 3 years already released his first car, a 4-ton truck Jiefang CA10. The end of the decade was marked by some interruptions in production; however, all problems were overcome.

In 1965, the company issued long limo Hoggi, which soon became a prestigious car, used only by the government. In addition, "FAW" continued the development of heavy equipment for the needs of the developing industry. So, in 1973, she presented a dump truck with a carrying capacity of 60 tons.

The first time, the employees were trained only in the Soviet Union, however, improved international links allowed "FAW" to learn Japanese colleagues from such world famous companies, such as Toyota, Mitsubishi and others. Because of this, the quality of products of the First Automobile Factory of China has been steadily increasing.

In the late 80-ies "FAW" signed the first contracts for building cars with Volkswagen AG, and the beginning of the 90s was marked by the construction of the first plant abroad in Tanzania. The company continues to grow and today, regularly entering into international contracts and exporting its products to dozens of countries. It is among the largest automakers in cooperation with the world's leading brands, including "Mazda", "Hyundai", "Audi", "Volkswagen", and others.

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