History of Gmc

In 1908, was based division of the American company General Motors production truck, which was called the "GMC". Key client brand has become the government of the United States of America, which bought the entire range "GMC" for the army.

In 1925, was the first civilian truck, which had a capacity of up to 750 kg, with two-axle chassis and the rear wheel drive. And two years on the market a wide range of trucks of different capacity and orientation, which is called GMC T.

In 1934, in the Wake of the success of the brand, was presented the world's first truck from above the engine cabin, which, as its development was increasingly streamlined to help reduce drag and lower fuel consumption. And in 1935 by order of the company "General motors", engineers "GMC" begin to work on creating the first diesel power unit, because diesel engines in those years was considered the most suitable for trucks.

In 1939, the entire group of companies "General motors" is switched to the production of military equipment for the U.S. army, producing armored vehicles, tanks, heavy trucks. Thanks to the creativity of engineers "GMC" was field tested a prototype of a four-wheel truck American brand, which went into production in 1956.

However, by 1987, the production of trucks "GMC" was discontinued. In 1991 he was presented the first full-size SUV company, called the Yukon. It was in those years began forming a segment of a huge luxury off-road vehicles, which have become especially popular in the U.S. and Canada.

Since then, there were more than 7 models of the company, which remained among the five most popular SUVs on the market of the United States until 2001, when the production of luxury SUVs started another division of GM - Cadillac. It is worth noting that the model GMC Tahoe formed the basis of models such as the Cadillac Escalade and Hummer H2.

However, the change rate of the parent company led to the fact that "GMC" was transformed into a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, among which the most popular was the GMC pickups, second in sales only model Ford F150.

In 2007 came to the GMC Acadia. This car has got not only a pleasant modern appearance, but also has a comfortable lounge and efficient 3.6-liter power unit.

In 2009 Acadia was named the safest machine for transporting Pets on the motor show in Chicago. In the same year at the motor show in new York was presented five-Terrain crossover, built on the platform of the Chevrolet Equinox. It has a comfortable, well equipped facilities and a number of technical advantages.

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