History of Hafei

In 1994 he founded the Chinese car company "Hafei Motors, which is part of the Corporation "Harbin". A key factor in the opening of the new brand was a contract with the South Korean group "DEU", which in addition to technologies, invested a large sum for the opening production of the highest class, and the first time in the factories "Hafa" worked exclusively seconded experts "Daewoo".

The first model was introduced in the same year and was a collected under license from the Korean "DEU" ultra-compact hatchback Tiko, which in 1996 became the first independently developed models Hafei Brio. The design of the first Chinese car brand studied Italian design Studio "Pininfarina", successfully collaborating with teams like Ferrari" and "Maserati".

Due to the success of compact Brio, Hafei" in 1999 presented at the Beijing motor show its second model - multi-purpose vehicle Zhongyi, which became one of the most popular cars in the budget segment in the automotive market in South America.

In 2006, the world saw the second generation of Hafei Brio, which in addition to the new design has been improved to 1.1-liter engine, with a capacity of 65 horsepower, becoming in 2008, the best selling car in the car market, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

In 2009, a contract was signed strategic cooperation with the group of companies "General motors", which gave the company "Hafa" the ability to use all the achievements of its South Korean unit. In addition, in 2010 the company became the largest manufacturer of engines in Asia, due to the launch Assembly of engines for the Japanese brands Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda. In the same year was announced the release of 5 new models that have been developed by engineers of the Chinese company on the new type of equipment.

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