History of Hitachi

Company Hitachi Construction Machinery was founded in 1972 as the importer of equipment of the Japanese brand in the European market. Later, the company began to specialize in the support of other Japanese manufacturers of heavy and construction equipment, becoming one of the largest service professionals throughout the European and American space.

In those same years, the company started to manufacture their own trucks and construction equipment, thus, becomes the first manufacturer in the world, which was fully implemented all technical support for its products. By 1981, the firm concentrates its presence in the construction equipment market, using its own technology and experience its strategic partners "General electric" and "Volvo".

In 1985 on the European market presents excavators company "Hitachi", which are in great demand over the next 10 years. In addition, the company enters into an agreement with Honda to supply power units increased capacity, allowing the company to significantly reduce its cost of special equipment, increase production capacity.

In 1994 the company "Hitachi" represents a new generation of bulldozers and cranes, signing a contract for the supply of equipment to all major oil companies, including Petronas, shell and "BNP Paribas".

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