History of Hummer

American brand "Hummer" appeared in 1981, after the company AM General decided to rename its off-road military vehicle designed for the needs of the army of the United States of America. In 1983, the U.S. military has received 55 thousand copies of high-mobility all-terrain vehicle. However, the most popular car was only after the start of the American military campaign in the middle East, where the model 998 showed itself in all its glory, overcoming the sand dunes faster than it could make tanks. In addition, the hammer could take on Board the various equipment that enabled the army to save on the use of third-party equipment.

In 1992 he was presented the first civilian model of the company, which was called H1. Massive SUV could argue their technical specifications with rally cars, differing from them a much broader platform that allowed users to upgrade the machine, using a variety of body.

However, in 1998, "AM General" the beginning of the bankruptcy procedure, due to the fact that the cost of developing new models were too large, and the government of the United States of America refused to provide the brand a grant for further development. Thus the name "Hummer" became the property of one of the largest automotive group in the world - "General motors".

Marketing the company held a large-scale work on the formation of the target audience of the new brand, which allowed engineers to create the famous H2 model. The car was built on the platform of the Chevrolet Tahoe, receiving, however, forced sectility power unit, with a capacity of 322 horsepower. In addition, the first instances of the model was equipped with an advanced lighting system for night driving.

Due to the fact that the company "General motors has been able to reduce the cost of a new model of the hammer, it was decided to continue to expand the range of these off-road vehicles. So in 2005 was presented compact Hummer H3, which was built on the platform of the mid-sized pickup Chevrolet S10. Despite the fact that the car is no longer the frame, the all-wheel drive and high ground clearance again become the defining decisions. Under the hood is located five-cylinder engine, 220 horsepower, and in variants of equipment added new five-speed manual gearbox and four-speed automatic. In 2008 he was presented a modification H3T, which was a pickup version of compact hammer with a longer chassis.

However, since the economic crisis began, the profit from the expensive and uneconomical hammer gradually began to fall in 2009, the company "General motors", which was on the verge of bankruptcy, decided to sell some of its brands, including hit and "Hummer". The legendary manufacturer of off-road vehicles claimed several major corporations, as well as a number of companies from China, who planned to convert plants "Hummer" on the release of heavy equipment for industrial construction.

One way or another, but thanks to the intervention of the governments of the United States of America and Canada who bought the stock General motors, which helped to pay the debts and to carry out a major restructuring. The result was the closure of the conveyer cars Hummer and conversion of the plant, which started production off-road vehicles other brand "General motors" - "Chevrolet".

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