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In 1902, was registered by an American company "International Harvester", combining two companies - "McCormick company" and "Harvester company. Thus, it became the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment and trucks in the United States of America. In 1904, was presented to the tractor Traction Truck, gasoline power unit, designed for use in agriculture. And in 1906 on the basis of this model were created pickups and SUVs, which brought the company IH on the market for civilian vehicles. In addition, in 1908, started production mid-size trucks with a load capacity up to 750 kg.

During the First World War the company "international Harvester" has presented two models of tractors Mogul and Titan, equipped with petrol engines with high torque. In the same year began the development of a compact tractor tricycle for quick cleaning of cotton and corn, which called Farmall went on sale in 1917 and became the leader of sales among all agricultural machinery in the U.S. and Canada.

For 25 years the company "International Harvester" has shifted from development of new models on a large-scale modernization of its machinery, which, though allowed to retain its position in the market, but at the same time, greatly hindered the firm to compete in the new segments. However, in 1932 under the brand IH was presented the world's first tractor with a diesel engine and auxiliary petrol engine, which has brought us world famous. After the outbreak of the Second World War, the company started production of firearms, completely stopping the production of agricultural machinery.

In 1944 plants IH returned to the production of tractors and trucks, but despite maintaining leading positions in sales and engineering, began a decline that led to a major restructuring of the firm's "International Harvester". In 1970, the brand once again managed to return to profit, but processonline lineup, which now began to include trucks, cranes, and buses, as well as well-known buyers trucks, trucks and tractors, as well as modernization of production processes were delayed, and the company "IH" mired in debt. By 1982, the debts become only more and the firm's management decides to temporarily stop production.

Anti-crisis measures helped design Bureau company to begin development of the new budget model, which would increase the profit and to partially cover the debts. But in 1984 on the initiative of the creditors and the majority shareholders of the company "International Harvester", was initiated bankruptcy procedure, and the result was the sale of the U.S. assets of the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment, machinery and trucks consortium "Tenneco", one of the largest manufacturers of automotive components in the United States of America. New owners have completely stopped production "International Harvester" in 1985.

In 1986 on the basis of production capacity from among former members of the "International Harvester", Tenneco" forms a new brand "Navistar International. The company's products include school buses and medium and heavy trucks, as well as in the factories "Navistar" starts the release of the eight-cylinder powertrains Ford.

In addition, since 1990 began a collaboration group "Navistar International" with the armed forces of the United States of America. The company, together with the trademark Ford started production of armored vehicles, bulldozers and heavy trucks for use in the foreign campaigns of the U.S., as well as equipment for the infrastructure of the carriers in the first place, were developed compact tractors "Navistar" to transport fighters on the deck of the ship.

By 2006, the company Navistar" was among the 500 largest companies in the world, but because of the scandal that erupted after the revaluation of the assets of the firm, it was excluded from this ranking. However, this did not prevent the management of the brand to extend the contract with the U.S. army, which helped in 2007, in the course of emergency equipment upgrading troops of the United States of America in Iraq, to represent the model of the armored car Navistar International MaxxxPRO. The car received a 9.3-litre diesel powerplant rated at 330 horsepower and replaces the production company hammer. After the start of the global economic crisis, the company "Navistar" began to cooperate not only with the armed forces of the United States, but has become one of the key suppliers for the armies of Britain, Canada and Ireland, and the share price has increased more than 4 times.

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