History of Koenigsegg

In 1994 he founded the Swedish company "Koenigsegg", specializing in the production of sports cars and luxury cars of their own design. However, the staff is quite small, which does not allow the firm to produce a large number of vehicles. However, this fact was one of the reasons for the popularity of the brand among customers and super hypercarb. In 1998 he was presented the first model of the brand, called SS. Rear-wheel drive supercar has become one of the few competitors models McLaren F1. Under the hood of the car situated eight-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 655 horsepower.

After 3 years on the basis of model SS was presented model СС8S, received the same engine as its predecessor, and key innovations have become the materials of the body, a lightweight framework and a new body, developed in the wind tunnel of the company "Toyota" and made of carbon fiber. And in 2004, on the eve of the first anniversary of the brand was presented exclusive model CCR issued in a quantity of 20 copies. Under the hood is a new motor with a capacity of 806 horsepower, and a new aerodynamic body kit has allowed this model to be the fastest serial machine of that time. In 2006 he was presented the model of the MHS, which became the first Swedish car brand, has received a number of special versions, including the modification of 2007 with a rear spoiler.

In 2009, the company "Koenigsegg" was among the bidders for the purchase of a bankrupt company "SAAB", but the brand has quickly stopped talking, claiming that small automaker does not have enough resources for the further development of the company. And in 2011, the company "Koenigsegg presented a new model of agera equipped with engine capacity of 940 horsepower.

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