History of Ktm

In 1934 in Austria was founded a small workshop for repairs bicycles and mopeds foreign brands, which in 1954 was given its current name "KTM" and became one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles in Europe. Over the next 10 years, the company "KTM" was released budget mopeds and small motorcycles available to all segments of the population of Austria. However, the turning point in the history of Austrian stamps began in 1965, when he designed the first sports motorcycle brand. The first success was not long in coming, were consistently won several world and European Championships in motocross, and in 1983 began serial production of the civilian version of the sports bikes "KTM".

In 1989, the factory team mark "KTM" takes part in the international rally RAID in France, Egypt and the Soviet Union. The accumulated experience has allowed us to create in 2000 competitive technique for participation in the most prestigious rally RAID Paris-Dakar. However, the first experience of participation in competitions of this level ended with this fiasco, from 6 racers to the finish line of the marathon could get only one. But in 2001, when the team "KTM" came one of the most experienced racing-rally drivers, was the first victory on the Dakar. During the subsequent years of victory in many motorcycle racing win the representatives of the Austrian team.

On the wave of success in racing, the company's engineers KTM in 2008, has prepared an unusual car X-Bow, designed for racing sports prototypes Amateur level. In 2009 started the serial production of this model, and dealerships Austrian stamps were discovered more than 50 European cities.

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