History of Lancia

Firm "Fabbrica Automobili Lancia" was born 27 November 1906. The owner - rider Vincenzo Lancia with a friend decided to produce efficient cars with an unusual design and technical characteristics. The company's Central office and is still located in Turin.

A year later, in September, 1907, was released the first model of 18-24 HP, after some time renamed under Lancia Alfa. The renaming of the brand was associated with the decision to allocate the brand, calling all new projects with letters of the Greek alphabet.

Many of the projects "Lancia" steel innovation. For example, CT Dialfa became the world's first car with a six-cylinder engine.

However, with the release of Dialfa experiments continued and in 1913 the light was presented inexpensive and very reliable Тhеtа - the first model in the world with an electric starter.

The first world war left its mark on the technology of production - the factory was paramilitary. The outcome of the war years was the successor of Theta - Kappa, which was an upgrade of outdated models.

Legendary Lambda went into production in 1921 and sold until 1932 in various modifications. In this line have been able to implement even a racing car that won in 1928 third place on rally Mille Miglia. Just in the range of Lambda was sold 13,000 cars, which in those days was not a small amount of sales. Lambda also distinguished by innovation - it was the first car with independent front suspension and monocoque body.

Line innovations continued machine of the class "Lux" Аstura, whose engine was connected to the frame auto with a patented mechanism.

The last work Vincenzo Lancia became Аprilia. The output of this pipeline is a convenient and reliable vehicle its developer did not wait, and died 15 February 1937, shortly before the start of production.

In 1950 "Lance presented model Аurelia. On these cars, and worked with only the best specialists of his time, a designer was Vittorio Yano and exterior obstacle legendary Atelier "Pininfarina", creating a unique bastoey body with swinging doors.

In 1957 was released the world's first model with external and internal wipers Lancia Flaminia, and quickly became mega as in Italy and abroad. Flaminia has retained its status as the best-selling cars for 13 years.

Twelve years later, "Lancia" merged with FIAT. After three years in addition to innovative Beta was released and the first draft of the sports car Stratos engine from Ferrari. This car for three years won the world rally.

In our days "Lancia" continues its work, but as a developer and supplier of reliable, and at the same time, glamorous Italian cars with sleek design and decent "stuff".

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