History of Lotus

The British company "Lotus" was founded in 1952 by the famous designer of Formula 1 Colin Chapman. In 1953, was presented the first model of the company, Lotus 6. And after 5 years of work on the first sports model, was presented a compact sports car Lotus Seven.

Until 1958 the company "Lotus" was engaged in the production of cars for sale in the automotive market in the UK, as well as car racing "Team Lotus". But after the restructuring, racing team was separated into an independent company. Temporarily stopping the development of sports cars for civilian purposes, Colin Chapman started creating a model of the Lotus 25, which brought a number of victories the team in Formula 1, winning both the main title in 1963.

In 1962 was presented model Lotus Elan received a number of modifications, including a version of the cabriolet presented in 1966. In the same year was established technological cooperation with the American company Ford, which has invested significant resources in the modernization of production facilities "Lotus". However, this did not prevent release model Lotus Europe, equipped with a powertrain from the company "Renault", who had six cylinders and a power of 85 horsepower. The car turned out to be so dynamic that quickly got the nickname "road to Formula 1

In the early 1970s in collaboration with the Italian design Studio, Giugiaro was presented model Esprit. An important difference between the models was the straight-six power unit of its own design. Then followed the first work of the brand Lotus on the American car market - the British engineers have developed chassis for the legendary DeLorean DМС-12. However, the model did not bring significant profits, and the company "Lotus" began the financial crisis, which has led to the fact that the firm was bought out by the group of companies "General motors" in 1986.

The American auto giant did not invest in the production of new models, being confined to the optimization of the current lineup. After just 7 years, the company "Lotus" was sold Romano Artioli - Director of the brand "Bugatti". Under his leadership, the company undertook to update the model Espirit, which received an updated design and improved technical stuffing, allowing you to accelerate the car up to 257 km/h, which was soon released. However, in 1996 Artioli decided to resell the English automaker Malaysian brand "proton", which has been extremely successful host for company "Lotus". Released shortly after the change of ownership Lotus Alice allowed 3 times to increase sales and the company's engineers were able to start working on new models. So were presents Alice Sport and the second generation of Elano. In 2000 the company "proton" was released the next model of the car is equipped with rear-wheel drive, called the Exige, and also signed a contract with the company "Toyota", which began to supply the powertrain and chassis for the brand "Lotus". The second generation of this model was released in 2004, and in the development of Japanese specialists took an active part.

In 2008 was presented to the Lotus Evora, which became a hit in the automotive market in the UK. The engine model is located the motor from Toyota, with a capacity of 257 horsepower.

In addition, the concern of "proton" became the General sponsor of former team Formula 1 Renault in 2010, but due to the machinations CEO Danny Bahar, who has assigned 40% of the profit of the company "Lotus" in 2008, a partnership was quickly collapsed, and Bahar lost her job. By 2012, we developed a new plan for the development of the legendary brand. Engineers "Lotus" presented several models of English brand with electric motors.

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