History of Maserati

In 1914 Italian company was founded, called by the name of three brothers, who founded a small workshop, on the basis of which the company was founded - "Maserati". In the same year Mario Maserati, who art and who had not seen himself in the role of the engineer, saw on the square of Bologna statue of Neptune. So there was the emblem of the brand, who later became a trademark of the company.

In 1926, with the financial support of the company "Dieta" was created the first car of its own design "Maserati", which was a sports coupe with power units with 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. In the same year, the most powerful model Maserati Grand Prix 1500 won a number of sporting events throughout Italy. Thanks to the success of the first sports brands, the Maserati brothers completely moved their production to the side of the car. In 1929, was presented Maserati Type, equipped with a four-cylinder engine.

However, by 1937, the young company has experienced a serious crisis and was sold to the family of Industrialists Orsi, who retained the brothers Maserati their posts. In 1940, the company moved to Modena, where in just 3 months we have developed a new model for participation in racing Indy-500, which immediately yielded to the Italian company.

During the Second World War, unlike other brands Italy, on the orders of Mussolini company "Maserati" has begun to develop a luxury car for the Benito, and one of the leaders of the project was Ferdinand Porsche, who had already celebrated by the creation of a number of cars for the leadership of the Third Reich.

After the exit of Italy from hostilities firm "Maserati" resumed production of sports cars, presenting Maserati A6, equipped with a sixteen-cylinder power unit. In addition, the engineers of the brand actively started to develop cars for racing Grand Prix, before the modern Formula 1. However, after the Foundation of this, the most prestigious to date racing championship factory team "Maserati" was one of the first of its participants. From 1950 to 1960, the team has been actively fighting for victory, won in 1957 landslide victory with Juan Manuel Fangio, who became a five-time world champion. However, due to the rapid decline in sales of cars, the company "Maserati" turns his participation in racing and focuses on the development of new models. In the same year was presented Maserati 3500GT.

In the same year was presented model Maserati Indy 2+2, and the production of engines of the brand came under the control of engineers Citroen. The next model of the brand became a Maserati Bora, released on the automobile market of the United States of America and great Britain. Another experiment with eight-cylinder power unit gave in 1975, the latest model "Maserati", developed under the leadership of the French group "Citroen", was presented the Maserati Khamsin had a 4.9-liter V8 engine.

After the beginning of world oil crisis, the company "Citroen", and previously experiencing financial problems, got rid of the more profitable units "Maserati", which led to stagnation in the Italian Marche. This was followed by 18 years of rich industrialist Alexander De Tomaso, who tried to create a number of new cars, but not using its own technology, while using experience of other companies, including American "Chrysler". At this time the company came to talented professionals, such as Aurelio Bertoki, who were able to develop a decent model, one of which became legendary Quattroporte 3 generation, the design of which was developed in the Studio "Giugiaro".

In 1993 the company "Maserati" was sold to the largest Italian automaker FIAT, which has decided to expand its production to Europe's largest, and it took another premium brand. In 1996 he was presented the Maserati Quattroporte IV, equipped with a powertrain developed by another entity "FIAT" - the company "Ferrari". A year later it is part of "Ferrari" and was included "Maserati" that was the key to reviving the brand.

Under the leadership of General Director of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, was the modernization of production facilities of the company "Maserati". And the world saw the new model 3200 GT, presented in the same 1998. Under the hood there is the engine of Ferrari-98, de boosted motor for racing Formula 1, and the design models developed Atelier "Italdesign".

Gradually update the whole model range of the company "Maserati", and in 2004 was presented model MS built on the Ferrari Enzo. New hypercar from "Maserati" participated in a series of sporting events, as well as goes into serial production run of 25 cars annually.

In 2009 the company introduced a unique development is the first 4-door convertible GranCabrio. It has been fitted with an engine capacity of 4.7 liters and had an aluminium body. First he was able to see the visitors to the Frankfurt motor show.

Next came a slight lull, which was interrupted by the release in 2011 of the concept car first off-road car Maserati Kubang, based on the Jeep Cherokee, as under the control of the brand FIAT took over the Corporation "Chrysler". Under the hood of the SUV was located powertrain from Ferrari.

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