History of Mclaren

The British company McLaren was founded by the new Zealand racing driver Bruce McLaren in 1963. The first racing steps were carried out at competitions in Tasmania, where McLaren has managed to achieve a certain result, but more important was the first field test car, created by the company.

In 1966, he was presented the car McLaren MD2 has a 3 litre power unit Ford and designed for racing class Formula 1, where Bruce himself was piloted by his creation, and twice managed to finish in the points zone, and his best result was fifth in the Grand Prix of the United States of America. Next year won fourth place in the prestigious Grand Prix of Monaco, where the only pilot team again made himself Bruce McLaren.

In 1968 McLaren MA running the same Bruce won the first victory in the Grand Prix of Belgium, which was the first fruits of a long work on the creation of a racing team with a world name. However, Bruce McLaren, who died in 1970, not found the success that befell the team in 1974, when Emerson, Fittipaldi became the first in the individual competition of the Formula 1 season, forever inscribing the name of the command in the history of Motorsport. Since then, the team claims victory in every season, imposing struggle grants Motorsport, such as "Ferrari" and "Lotus".

However, in 1980, after the start of the financial difficulties arose the question of the liquidation team. But came to the aid of a young Manager Ron Dennis, who joined his team "Project 4" with distress team "McLaren" and took the helm of the new project.

After four years of hard work, was presented the car McLaren MP4/2, equipped with a motor TAG. Under the direction of Austrian Nicky Lauda, won 5 races in the season 1984 and Frenchman Alain Simple, gained another 7 wins, "McLaren" broke in pieces all other competitors, and the teammates were separated by just half point, which decided the outcome of the title became a champion Niki Lauda. It was then in the head Ron Dennis and came up with the idea to create at the team a real car company, which was able to use achievements from Formula 1 to road cars. So, in 1985, was registered firm "McLaren Group, composed racing team McLaren and research center "McLaren Technological".

In parallel, there have been two more victories in the Championships in 1985 and 1986, when the cars "McLaren" running Alain Simple, Nicky Lauda and Keke Rosberg did not leave a chance to the opponents, and Alain Prost twice became world champion. However, after beginning work on the first road car company, started the financial crisis, and the team could not meet the schedule upgrade their cars, which has led to lull until 1989, when Alain Prost was again able to become world champion.

In 1989 was presented the first prototype model of the McLaren F1, but Ron Dennis has rejected all of these projects, due to the fact that the British brand had planned to create the fastest car, surpassing technically all its competitors, and not to make another fast car, no different from many others.

The work was done until 1992, when finally held the world premiere of the model before the start of the Grand Prix of Monaco 1992, once again demonstrating the inextricable link "McLaren" and Motorsport. Production of the McLaren F1 began in 1993, under the hood the model was located powertrain brand "BMW", which is at your sole risk has developed one of the most powerful engines of that time, with a capacity of 627 horsepower. Published a total of 107 instances of this model, including the version of the car for the race at Le Mans in 1995, where riders "McLaren" won a landslide victory. And the model F1 for 10 years remained the fastest production car in the world.

In the same year the team McLaren" got into the field of view of the German company Mercedes-Benz is looking for an opportunity to compete in Formula 1, however as a supplier of motors, which led to the finding of a strong team. Union "McLaren Mercedes" has made two League titles in 1998 and 1999, when the Finnish driver Mika Häkkinen managed to beat Michael Schumacher. It was after the 1999 season guide German brand decided to create another exclusive car, which was to become the model of SLR. However, in order to compete with brands Ferrari and Lamborghini, active participation in the project took engineers "McLaren", developed the wheel, aerodynamic kit and chassis, leaving the German designers only work on the creation of beauty and power unit.

In 2003 was officially presented model Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, equipped with eight-cylinder 5.4-liter power unit with a capacity of 626 horsepower. Remarkable was not only the characteristics of the engine, but all other nodes. The motor worked together with sequential gearbox McLaren, who had a manual and automatic mode switching, and the appearance of the car, though, and was made in the style of other cars of the German mark, had a resemblance to the cars "McLaren" of that time. Immediately after the announcement of the model, the engineers began work on the creation of a number of modifications and test them, was asked who finished his career Mika Hakkinen.

The model was discontinued in 2009, after "McLaren Mercedes" was able to win another title in 2008, but has completely failed in the 2009 season. The relationship of two brands have become more complicated, and after Ron Dennis is fully focused on the control of the whole society "McLaren", leaving the post of head of the racing team, the McLaren and the Mercedes-Benz limited only by the supply of engines for the racing team, participating in races in Formula 1. Moreover, the conflict flared between Dennis and head of the sports programs Daimler Norbert Haug, who approved the purchase of a team, "brown", which since 2010 official team "Mercedes-Benz" direct competitor "McLaren". After two years of dispute, it was announced that a new supplier of engines for the team McLaren" become Japanese "Honda".

In 2010, was presented the prototype of the McLaren MP4-12C, developed by engineers of the brand as the old SLR. And under the hood the model is located eight-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 600 horsepower, which was developed in the "McLaren" yourself. The car went on sale in 2011, winning many awards and prizes.

In 2013 introduced a new model of the McLaren P1, built on the basis MR-12C. However, the company's engineers have substantially revised not only the appearance of a model, optimizing the aerodynamic efficiency, but also upgraded the power unit, which is equipped with an additional electric motor that has allowed to get the 6 liter eight-cylinder power unit, the power 916 horsepower. It is planned to produce 375 copies of the model, at the price of more than 1 million pounds each.

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