History of Mitsuoka

The Japanese company "Mitsuoka" was founded in 1968. The first 10 years of its existence, the company was engaged in work on pre-sales of cars of different brands, as well as, during the world fuel crisis that began reselling upgraded single cars with motorcycle engines from France. Since the welfare of the company grew, and the company created a design team that was responsible for work on a new type of car for the automotive market of Japan.

While working on his own cars, the company Mitsuoka has released a compact model BuBu Shuttle, designed for disabled people and people with disabilities. However, the complexity in creating the first full-size car brand, was forced to curtail the work of the design staff, and responsibilities for building the first car brand took upon himself the founder of Susumu Matsuoka, specially studied for several years the principles of operation of a small car brands in the United States of America.

It was decided early release copies of classic cars, due to the lack of decent offers from other brands Japan in the class of luxury cars. So were presented copies of the legendary cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Daimler and Jaguar" of the 50s, which were produced in limited quantities, but the rapidly growing number of wealthy Japanese, lightning bought all issued copies.

In 1990 he was presented model Le-Seyede based on serial chassis Nissan Silvia, and the design was made in the style of pre-war Jaguars, substantially modified under modern technological solutions. The engine model is located two-liter four-cylinder powertrain. A year later he was presented with more powerful modification of this model, called Dore and the new three-liter eight-cylinder engine capacity of 302 horsepower. The circulation of each of the modifications made 500 copies, which were sold out in just a year and a half.

The next model Mitsuoka Viewt, which was a continuation of the model Jaguar mark 2 (1956). The model was fitted with a 1-liter engine with a capacity of 60 horsepower. During the year, has sold over 1 thousand copies. In 1994 he was presented model Mitsuoka Zero 1, which was a Japanese variation of the model Lotus 7. The engine was located power unit from Mazda. Thanks to this model, the Ministry of transport of Japan has allocated company "Mitsuoka" a license to produce cars of his own design, which allowed to increase the number of Japanese automakers to 10.

The next model of the brand "Mitsuoka", presented at the 1996 and called Galue, outwardly resembling the classical model of the English brand "rolls-Royce". The model was equipped with two-liter power unit of the company "Nissan", power of 163 horsepower. By the way, this model in two versions stayed in the car market of Japan until 2012. In 1998 were presented soroceanu electric company "Mitsuoka", resembling the legendary FIAT 500.

In 1999 he was presented a modification of the model by Galu with the new 2.5 liter power unit, with a capacity of 210 or 240 horsepower developed by the company "Mazda" exclusive brand "Mitsuoka". In 2000 on the basis of the Nissan cube model was developed, Mitsuoka South, received a design in the style of a London taxi, which was equipped with a four-cylinder engine capacity of 85 horsepower. In addition, the presented modification with full and front drive.

After five years of hard work, the company's engineers "Mitsuoka released a model of car Orochi. The body was made of carbon fiber and the engine was located powertrain Toyota, with a capacity of 233 horsepower. In addition, the group of companies "Toyota" was set for this model, the powertrain and chassis, as well as automatic transmission with sports mode.

The cooperation with the company "Toyota" was extended from 2005 to 2009, as the global financial crisis hurt small automotive companies. And financial guarantees biggest concern Japan, ensured the smooth operation of the brand "Mitsuoka". Under the control of the company passed the development of efficient engines for Toyota Corolla, which were used in the model, Mitsuoka 204. However, in 2009 the partnership was broken, and new technology partner "Mitsuoka" was the Mazda. Soon was presented model Himco, based on the Mazda MX-5 with a two-liter power unit rated at 170 horsepower.

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