History of Mtx

"MTX" was registered in 1969 in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) as a repair shop for drivers using the car "Skoda". A year later, the efforts of the engineers of the company was presented his own race single machine MTX 1-01.

In 1980 the company "MTX" produced a wide range of sports cars. The company's products are made on the chassis Skoda and Lada, participated in Formula Easter, buggy-autocross, rally and other events. In 1990, "MTX" issued a convertible version of the Skoda Rapid. Later there was also a Roadster, the basis for which was Skoda Favorit and convertible based on the model Felicia the same brand.

In 1991, workshop "MTX" came the model class "super-sport" called MTX Tatra V8.

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