History of Oldsmobile

In 1897 Rans Oldsman founded the American car company "Oldsmobile". The first model of the brand is widespread on the market of the United States of America, due to the large volume of the power unit and good dynamic data, which especially have to taste the bootleggers and the police, who have purchased up to 90% of the cars Oldsmobile. By 1901 Oldsman has become the largest automaker in the United States. However, in 1907, began to have serious financial problems of the company, and then left himself a Ransom, giving their offspring to repurchase creditors. So in 1908, the brand "Oldsmobile" became part of "General Motors".

Engineers General motors immediately started creating luxury car brand "Oldsmobile". This model was limited Touring, introduced in 1910. The engine model was located straight-six power unit with a capacity of 60 horsepower. But in the history of Oldsmobile limited Touring included no quantity sold copies, and victory in the famous race against the train, which in later years tried to repeat many of the automakers.

After the beginning of the great Depression, the company concentrated on the production of components for other brands of General motors, and the following model was presented only in 1937. It was the car Oldsmobile 8, equipped with the world's first semi-automatic four-speed transmission gear. However, it was designed by the firm "Buick", but due to the lack of a suitable car for the first tests, the technology has moved to Oldsmobile".

During the Second World War the company "General motors started production of equipment for the army of the United States of America, and came to the production of trucks and artillery tractors. After the war, the firm "Oldsmobile" resumed the production of passenger cars by presenting a model Rocket, with an eight-cylinder engine. This was followed by the start of production of some of the first convertible with hard top convertible in the U.S., but the real peak of the company's development came much later.

Began upgrade of all existing models of the company that has enabled Oldsmobil"ü again to lead sales statistics among the brands General motors, significantly ahead of Buick and Cadillac. However, in 1958, due to flaws in the design, the company began the crisis, which has managed to abolish the only additional financial injections from the parent company.

In 1962, the company's engineers "Oldsmobile" presented the first U.S. turbocharged engine, which is mounted on the first U.S. front wheel drive chassis. And another successful project was Oldsmobile Vista, equipped with a panoramic roof and a station wagon, which together with a turbocharged engine has allowed us to significantly increase sales of cars.

In the mid-70s was a new generation model 88, which became the leader of sales among all cars General motors". But in 1981 he changed the leadership group, which together with echoes of the fuel crisis and the growing popularity of cars of Japanese brands has led to a sharp decline in sales of models Oldsmobile", and in 1989 was disbanded engineering headquarters of the brand. Since that time the company was manufacturing stylized appearance of the classic "Oldsmobile" cars "Chevrolet". However, after another change of leadership in the mid-90s, "Oldsmobile", have been supplied to other countries, providing a General motors recognized brand that was very popular.

In 2000 it was decided to disband the brand "Oldsmobile symbols of the new concept of operations, "General motors", which was localized for each country a specific brand. So, in 2004 the brand was disbanded, and plants "Oldsmobile" came under the control of the brand Chevrolet.

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