History of Pacific

In 1947 canadian company "Pacific Trucks" was founded. At the origins of the brand were three former engineer of the company "Hayes", which the early years of the new company specialized in the adaptation of trucks Hayes under operation under conditions of extreme cold, as well as on the production of trailers. However, since 1953 the company "Pacific" began to take orders for the construction of heavy trucks and tractors to work in the industrial sector. First and foremost were presented career and oilfield trucks, as well as models designed for timber.

In 1955 the company "Pacific Trucks" has opened an office in New Zealand, where the government has made considerable efforts to establish its own production of industrial vehicles. And in 1967 opened new production facilities of the company in Vancouver. However, the construction of new plants had a negative impact on the financial welfare of the company "Pacific", which led to selling in 1970 controlling stake in the group "international Harvester", which in those years was constantly expanded the range of its products. In the 70s the company produces several exclusive models, securing such achievement by the start of production of trucks, designed for use in tropical climates.

In the 1970s the canadian brand opened its representative office in South Africa, as part of the shares of the South African branch was divided between the government, "international Harvester" and the new Zealand branch of the brand. However, since 1976 "Pacific Trucks New Zealand" was made into a separate independent company. And the canadian Department began production of armored cars and heavy trucks for the armed forces of the United States of America and Canada.

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