History of Qvale

American automobile brand "Qvale" was founded in 2000 by Bruce Civali, grandson of the famous in the automotive market of the United States of Kiel Civali, who was involved, including the production of Italian sports cars "De Tomaso" in the USA.

With technological support to the group Ford, Bruce began to create his first car, which was supposed to be made in the same style as the model of "De Tomaso" in the 1970s. The platform on which was built the car Qvale Mangusta , was developed by the British group "MG", and for the design of the model answered the famous Italian car designer Marcello Gandini, previously collaborated with "De Tomaso", as well as with firms "Maserati" and "BMW". Under his leadership, was created pre-production prototype, equipped with eight-cylinder 4.6-liter power unit manufactured by Ford, with a capacity of 320 horsepower. The engine was coupled with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmissions, which have developed Giorgio Gazarini, who previously worked with teams of Formula 1 Ferrari" and "Williams".

In the period from 2000 to 2002 was released only 272 model instance, which went on sale 270. Plan Bruce Kiveli allowed him to create a big name in the automotive environment, which provided him with orders for 10 years. However, Bruce has decided to postpone the creation of the second model of its brand, starting cooperation with a number of automotive companies to create new luxury cars. And in 2003 he sold the rights to the model Mangusta British concern "MG". A year later on the European market was presented model of the MG X-Power, built in cooperation with the group "BMW" on its base.

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