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Few people know that the history of the legendary brand "Rover" was started back in 1887 with the production of bicycles. Almost to 1904 William Sutton and John Kemp, Starly almost did not think about developing a car until it decided to release the first model of the Rover 8. Turned out to be cheap and cheerful. the car has been sold successfully, but were not very comfortable because of missing rear suspension. A year later design the error corrected by releasing the Rover 6.

In the same 1905 were released two sports models, and one of them, 16/20, in 1907 surpassed all competitors in the race "Tourist Trophy" for finishing in first place there.

Production sedans company "Rover" came in 1912, presenting the project Twelve, became the world's first car of this type and up to 1914, which had no analogues. Model 14, which was a modification of the 12-th in the early 20's was finalized engineer Peter Pope and was produced until 1925, when it was replaced by the Rover 15, which became at that time the third version of the sedan.

After that, until 1933 "Rover" has focused on the production of sports cars and racing cars. Then the company changed the heads on brothers Wilkes, actively seek modification of the old model lines. In the end, it was updated almost the entire Park produced vehicles.

During the 2nd world production capacity of the company were refocused on the development and production of aircraft power units and engines for military vehicles.

The postwar years were for "Rover" turning - the company has moved on to create luxury cars". Until the end of the 80's "Rover" was released, mainly, sedans, sports cars and hatchback.

In 1984 was reached commercial agreement with "Honda", in cooperation with which there have been several fine models. The contract lasted until 1994, this year, the company BMW, which has already absorbed before this "Rolls-Royce", gained control over "Rover".

In the end, the production capacity of "Rover" were reclassified to the production of sports cars and SUVs, and the car class "Lux" was given to "Royce". This did not mean the cessation of production and modifications of the previous lineup, however, one after another conveyor production line prestige cars were gradually closed. However, in 1998, the "Rover" still presented the prestigious 75 model, however, after revisions in 2004, and a year after release, modification, production of the Rover 75 was discontinued.

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