History of Tesla

One of the most exciting startups in Silicon valley is "Tesla Motors Ltd", a company for the production of new environmentally friendly cars on the motors.

The first official project presentation of the brand took place in 2006, when at the motor show in Santa Monica (California) presented a sports car Tesla Roadster is the world's first model of the electric car of this type. Himself Tesla Roadster in the initial designs were sold since the beginning of 2008 until 2012, then it was replaced by the modification of the Tesla Model S, characterized by advanced design and major structure modifications, and technical part.

The concept of the model S was shown in 2009 at the auto show in California. Plans "Tesla Motors Ltd" was originally a production of 10,000 units, then they were increased to 25 000 cars in a year. In 2012 started official sales of the Tesla Model S around the world, and in the autumn of the car received the prestigious Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year ".

In 2012 Tesla Motors showed the concept of crossover Tesla Model X based on the platform of the Model S, which went into production next year and in 2014 begins shipping to customers who have made an advance payment.

Also, another model wearing a symbolic name BlueStar. It is a compact electric car, the price of which on the background of its predecessor, the Tesla Model S looks much nicer - the company plans to sell it for only 30 000 US dollars for high quality and fast electric car as standard. It's almost half the price of previous cars "Tesla".

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