History of Twin Coach

Above all American bus manufacturers of the early twentieth century, the most famous was the brand "Twin Coach" producing their autoproduction since 1927. The owners were brothers Fageol, shortly before leaver similar vans buses under the brand name "Fageol", which was easily forgotten, and the "Twin Coach" became popular.

Although the company was founded almost shortly before the great Depression, the brothers had guessed the direction of production - in contrast to expensive for the average American cars, buses were by public transport, and moving them cost less. Therefore, the "Twin Coach" has not only left without orders, but were able to Finance the development of new models.

Since 1935 "Twin Coach" has launched production of trolleybuses, which allowed the company to consistently accept government orders on public transport. In the 1950s the brand "Fageol" was revived as the name of a line of vans produced on Assembly lines "Twin Coach".

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