History of Van Hool

Belgian autogerma "Van Hool", was established in 1947 and has chosen niche market for the production of trolley buses, trailers and buses.

In 1957, "Van Hool" agreed to cooperate with the "Fiat", which supplied them engines for public transport.

In 1971, it was affiliated firm "Van Hool Espana", which produces passenger transport under the same brand name in Spain.

1981-1983 biennium was marked by the end of the contract "Van Hool" - "Fiat" and the sale of Spanish production, because the power generators had to be ordered from other manufacturers and this has seriously increased the cost of buses and trolleybuses.

However, after 8 years "Van Hool" copelia local plant "LAG Bus and started training on the production vans, without, however, producing and selling vehicles from line E. Already since 2002 "Van Hool" permanently moved to the development and sale of minibuses.

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