History of Zagato

Italian brand "Zagato" officially appeared in the 20-ies of XX century. Founder and designer of IRO Zagato has developed innovative for its time aerodynamic body, which allowed the first models Zagato is virtually certain to keep the advantage in the race.

Since the 30's, the concept of the aerodynamic body finally embodied in a full specialization of the company. Processing and modification is not only the case of fine cars Zagato, but also of the windshield, with 40's received "landscape". This innovation not only improved pilot performance review, but also has a positive effect on speed at the expense of a more streamlined shape.

In the 70s "Zagato" one of the first to attempt to provide mass production of electric cars. At the same time forms the body became more severe, although the aerodynamic characteristics of the development of the brand remained clearly above average.

With the 90's the firm "Zagato" retrained on the development of aerodynamic bodies for well-known sports and luxury brands such as Ferrari, Bentley, etc. However, the manufacturing of ultra-light and super-high-speed auto in the "Zagato" not abandoned, but only made less of a priority.

Currently, the company "Zagato" has been, for the most part, the development of aerodynamic body kits and release "under the order" sports cars of a class "Lux".

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