Aston Martin Presented The Fastest Car In Its History

Aston Martin Presented The Fastest Car In Its History

The title of "the fastest serial" now belongs to the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, but with some reservation: the British there is a stunning One-77 limited edition. However, the novelty in itself remarkable - it is capable of accelerating up to 330 km/h


Aston Martin Vantage S will replace the current Vantage exactly the same as the Rapide S has changed recently "normal" Rapide. The car has received some changes in appearance - for example, a new grille, first introduced to the concept S, and more sports interior, trimmed in carbon fiber and Alcantara.


However, the main novelty of the car is its engine. 12-cylinder engine with a volume of 6 liters develops now 50 HP more than before - 565 HP, and the amount of torque has increased to 644 Nm. This made the car faster in exercise "acceleration up to a hundred" at least 0.3 seconds. The British did not disclose the exact data about the dynamics Vantage S, but said that to accelerate to 100 km/h it takes less than 4 seconds, while the Aston Martin Vantage does the same for 4.2 C.


The car is equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission instead of the previous 6-band, and, according to some, the box itself is borrowed from racing GT series. In addition, it is 25 kg lighter. However, the total weight loss news was only 15 kg, because even 10 kg car gained through the application of other new features. Now he weighs 1665 kg

Aston Martin Vantage S got three operating modes - Normal, Sport and Track. The choice of one of them affects the settings for the rigidity of the suspension, steering, transmission and response of the gas pedal. As the brakes are applied carbon-ceramic Brembo components, and involved in the suspension adaptive Bilstein shocks.


Initial deliveries of the new British supercar is scheduled for the end of the year, and we know in advance that it will be more expensive than its predecessor. Already argued that the Aston Martin Vantage S will cost about $ 200,000.


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