First Maserati Crossover Will Be Produced In Turin

First Maserati Crossover Will Be Produced In Turin

The actual merger of corporations Fiat (which owns the brand Maserati and Chrysler gave rise to rumors that the crossover Maserati Levante will be "dressed" in a new body car brand Jeep and will be collected in America. Recently it has become clear that these fears were confirmed.


Bloomberg reported that the Fiat management has decided to organize the Assembly of a new model Maserati at one of the factories of the group, located in Turin. Thus Levante will be the first production car brand that will meet outside of the Maserati factory in Modena since the opening of this company more than 70 years ago.


The first crossovers should roll off the production line next year. Recall that Levante will be "in relationship" with now produced sedan Ghibli and Quattroporte: when creating the body have been used by large segments of the power structure, designed previously for the two mentioned models . No wonder no one is going to create for crossover special motors is more logical to use the existing power units, especially since they recently developed. We are talking about the three-liter turbodiesel configuration V6 (275 HP), the same three-liter gasoline V-shaped "six" (410 HP) with two turbines and gasoline V-shaped "eight" displacement of 3.8 liters with two turbines (530 HP). Most likely, all three engines will transmit torque to all wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission.


As may appear first in the history of the crossover brand Maserati has made it clear a long time ago, presenting at several car dealerships concept car named Kubang. The idea of producing a car at chrysler plant in Detroit was really discussed by management Fiat, but at the American enterprise and so overcrowded because of the high demand for going there Jeep Grand Cherokee.


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