The New Crossover Zotye Imitates German Counterparts

The New Crossover Zotye Imitates German Counterparts

Production-ready version of the compact crossover was renamed from the original T500 in Damai X5. Known for his love of design of Volkswagen, the company once again changed itself: in the form of new items can be found some similarities with VAG products, but not in such volume as before.


Preparing a new compact crossover SUV Zotye Damai X5 to debut at the Shanghai motor show, the designers literally tried it on one row after the other: during road tests Damai X5 (originally called T500), I managed to try on a grille from Range Rover Evoque, then a new variant of their own design with a large letter Z in the center, and appears in the final version the third version of its own design.


However, despite the constant changes, some references to the more famous models on the market to detect possible: in the new profile Damai X5 resembles Volkswagen Tiguan. This model Damai similar form and blocks the headlights, although the lighting equipment they already own. Love the company Zotye to VAG group is confirmed by the crossover T600 SUV, which is the "older brother" of the new crossover is very similar to the mixture of Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5.


Damai X5 will be sold with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine in normally aspirated and turbo versions, with a capacity of 120 or 150 HP respectively. Be aggregated engines will be either a five-speed manual, or continuously variable CVT.

In China sales of the new crossover will start in the second half of 2015 at a price of 60 000 to 75 000 yuan.


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